Shorouq Gulf Steel was established in 2004 and production started full-fledged in 2009. Activities and projects include Steel Cut & Bend and Sheet Piles.

Business Need

Shorouq Gulf Steel previously operated by simple accounting system to manage accounts and As the business grow, it became increasingly important to implement a system that would improve visibility and co-ordination across the organization, especially to manage steel purchasing, inventory, steel production, sales delivery, scrap, fixed assets, expenses for multiple cost centers.


The company decided to implement Enterprise by MIKRO ERP, initially just for their administration but also in their stores. MIKRO now has 5 users, using functionality including accounts, order processing finance, repetitive invoicing.


Accounting, Finance, Services & Expenses.


“Enterprise has allowed us to do away with all our old systems at one stroke we’ve replaced them all with a single, truly integrated business system that offers a great deal of extra functionality. This increased visibility of data across the organization has provided even more customer relationship benefits. MIKRO ERP business intelligence tools capabilities have also provided unexpected benefits for Chief of accounts and his team.

Succeeded in control of materials warehouses been linked to previous sections to the accounts and financial management to follow the suppliers invoices depending on what has been supplied as well as the creation of monthly bills to customers and control of financial payments.

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