(NTC) have a fleet of modern luxury buses and new model of the cars, which provide the highest level of comfort and safety for passengers at affordable rates. Services include Public Transportation, Car Rental.

Business Need

NTC previously operated a number of different systems, says chief of accounts Mr.Akil “We have used one system for Accounting system, one system for Vehicle Trip Sheets and multiple excel sheets to track Invoices, Vehicle Maintenance, Fleet Management, Prepaid Expenses, HR Data.

In all cases, they had to have numerous additional systems to run the business. In addition, no one had the complete picture. As the business grew, it became increasingly important to implement a system that would improve visibility and co-ordination across the organization, improve data consistency and reduce the need to rekey information.


The company decided to link all departments in one system Enterprise by MIKRO ERP, MIKRO now has 15 users across multiple sites, using functionality including Accounts, Finance, Order processing, Purchase orders, Customer Agreement, Fleet Management, Vehicle Trip Sheets, Fixed Assets and vehicle maintenance and Payroll processing as per UAE specification.


Accounting, Finance, Procurement, Fixed Assets, Sales, Fleet Management, Trip Sheet, Workshop, HR and Payroll.


“Enterprise has allowed us to do away with all our old systems at one stroke we’ve replaced them all with a single, truly integrated business system that offers a great deal of extra functionality. This increased visibility of data across the organization has provided even more customer relationship benefits MIKRO ERP business intelligence tools capabilities have also provided unexpected benefits for Chief of accounts and his team.

Fleet Management can record all vehicle data like registration, insurance, cancelation and traffic fines to reflect to Driver account. And will record vehicle maintenance to analyze it after that. Trip Sheet entry will have all information about vehicle, driver, payment mode and customer details to invoice it after that Accounting will record all the monthly transaction with routing cost to the decided department with invoicing customer trip sheets.

Purchase department will raise LPO based on vehicle service request with tracking invoice status. Tracking Assets depreciation with doing it at the end of each month Defining all prepaid expenses like insurance, registration, rent with capability to post monthly expense voucher at the end of each month automatically. Importing employee attendance each month with processing payroll as per UAE specifications.

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