Royal Gardens is a leading national company in the fields of general contracting and projects management. The focus is to deliver excellence in all the services we offer. Our strength is derived from hands-on practical experience and understanding of the economy and client needs.

Business Need

Royal Gardens was using separate in-house developed systems to manage each department, like accounting, purchase, fixed assets, HR, Payroll and in all cases, they had to have numerous additional systems to run the business, Data varied between the systems, and no one had the complete picture. As the business grow, it became increasingly important to implement a system that would improve visibility and co-ordination across the organization, improve data consistency and reduce the need to rekey information.


The company decided to link all departments in one system Enterprise by MIKRO ERP, MIKRO now has 16 users across multiple sites, using functionality including Accounts, Finance, Order processing and Stock, Purchase orders, Project Cost Controller, Supplier and subcontractors, Fixed Assets and Payroll processing as per UAE specification The company is also now looking at implementing MIKRO ERP for Workshop to manage vehicle maintenance, spare parts inventory and labor cost.


Accounting, Finance, Procurement, Fixed Assets, Project Costing, HR and Payroll.


We have succeeded in the implementation of MIKRO ERP and passed all the obstacles in the implementation of the all sections of the company and has already succeeded in that. The company’s departments has become all use the system like procurement department has been using the system and linked with the accounting department.

Fleet Management can record all vehicle data like registration, insurance, cancelation and traffic fines to reflect to Driver account. And will record vehicle maintenance to analyze it after that. Trip Sheet entry will have all information about vehicle, driver, payment mode and customer details to invoice it after that Accounting will record all the monthly transaction with routing cost to the decided department with invoicing customer trip sheets.

Also succeeded in the implementation of the financial management system to follow up on the accounts of suppliers, customers and subcontractors, generating aging reports and printing Cheques through the system. We also succeeded in managing expenses at the level of different projects and head office level. Also succeeded in managing staff & engineers petty cashes at the level of different projects.

In addition, we succeed in Managing Payroll and posting all labor liabilities and deduction in different types like loan, advance and traffic fines through the accounting department, and the system will fetch the data at the time of generating payroll.

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